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Registrationsdatum:  30/01/2019 17:47:17
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Webseite:  http://blogcops.co.vu/post/182088771560/best-free-websites-builders
Biographie: Apa Itu Internet, every computer on the Internet knows how to contact a computer (the 'root' 'DNS server') which is responsible for things like 'com', 'org', 'net' and 'uk'. There are several computers like that and one is contacted randomly. Computer DNS servers were asked if they knew 'Apa Itu Internet' and would say they knew which server computer was responsible for 'com'. Com server 'computer is asked to find out and will answer by saying that they know which server computer is responsible for' ocportal.com '. The server computer was asked if he knew 'Internet' and would say that he knew the appropriate server computer was '69 .60.115.116 '. Note that there is a difference between the computer server that is 'responsible' for the domain name and domain name that really matches that computer. For example, the DNS server responsible for 'Apa Itu Internet' may not have the same server as 'Digopedia' itself. Because a particular domain name, or part of a domain name, is very commonly used, computers will remember the results to avoid carrying out full interrogations for each name they need to search. In fact, I have simplified the process in my example because the computer that is actually searching does not do the full search itself. If all computers on the Internet do a full search, it will overload the 'root DNS server', and the DNS server is responsible for names like 'com'. Apa Itu Internet, on the other hand, a computer that searches will ask for a specific 'local DNS server' itself, which may remember results from a portion, or may ask for help (full, or partial) from the 'local DNS server' itself, and so on - until, in the worst case scenario , the process must be completed in full. Domain names are allocated by people who want them to register domain names with agents ('registrants') from the organization responsible for the farthest right side of the domain name. At the time of writing a company called 'Cineam' (where 'Network Solutions' was a subsidiary) was responsible for things like 'com' and 'net'. There are countless registrars operating for VeriSign, and most domain buyers may not know the chain of responsibilities that exist - instead, they only get the domain they want from the agent, and only deal with that agent and their web host (who often the same company). Domains Apa Itu Internet, are never purchased, but are rented and can be renewed exclusively for a period of slightly longer than the rental period.
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